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Round Table in UNOG, 23/10/2018

Round Table 

Investing in Future: Sustainable Development Goals, Green Technologies and Green Economy



For the benefit of future generations it is essential to turn to green economy, and this process need to be fostered, with wide involvement of youth entrepreneurship and green education.

Summary Points 

Green Economy advocates good governance as an essential prerequisite for achieving sustainable development. In order to encourage local and foreign investment, it is essential to have a stable and predictable macroeconomic environment. 

Transitioning to a Green Economy requires a new mindset of doing business. It also requires a new caliber of skilled labor and professionals that can work across sectors, and able to work as part of multi-disciplinary teams.

The education system also needs to be reviewed to integrate the environmental and social considerations in the various disciplines. Investing in research, technology development, innovation, and the continuous enhancement of knowledge are essential for transitioning to a Green Economy.

Research and technology innovation efforts need to be directed towards resource efficiency, and areas such as wastewater treatment and desalination, renewable energy, solid waste recycling and recovery, green construction and buildings, and environmentally friendly equipment and industrial technologies. 


Andrei Generalov – president of Center International d’investissement (CII), associated with UN DPI and WIPO, lawyer, former MP Russia's State Duma (1993-1995), Member of International Federation of Journalists (Russia)


Elena Kashina, PhDconsultant, UNECE (France)


Johanna Mitchell – founder, Lumos Education (Great Britain); consultant, GreenMetric for Universities (Great Britain)


Sergey Lesin – director, “Inprocor” Ltd, young inventor/researcher in the field of green technologies/ industrial waste recycling (Russia)


Khmaira Zagladina, PhD – head of Centre for Socialization and Education, Federal Institute of Education Development (Russia)


Tatiana Arseneva, PhD – Youth Volunteering Foundation (Russia)


Elvira Umanskaya – director, International Chess Academy (Russia)

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