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 Plans for 2019

  UN Relations

1. Receiving Special Consultative status with ECOSOC UN

2. Developing partner/expert relations with UN/CEFACT

3. Establishing relations with the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

4. Establishing relations with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

5. Participation in UN events in Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and New York, USA     


1. Development of Internet Information Center for the Study of Tuberculosis in Russia , www.tbrussia.info

2. Creation of web portal of the Capacity Development Centre on Energy for Sustainable Development (CDC ESD) and officially launch it.

3. Development of Academic Mobility Programme between Universities, including hosting online interns

4. Development of UN Relations Support Centre for Russian-speaking Civil Society Organizations (UNRSC RCSO), www.unngo.info

5. Creation of International Chess Academy (online)

6. Development of Support Program for Innovators and Inventors


1. Conduct International conference in Geneva, Switzerland, devoted to the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization and special events, devoted to education during the OHCHR Civil Society Forum and green technologies during WIPO General Assembly.

2. Conduct webinars, devoted to development of higher education and academic mobility for PhD students in CIS countries (in Russian language) and broadcast it on CII YouTube channel.

3. Create table game “STOP Corruption!” for schoolchildren (in Russian language) and promote it via 3 seminars for teachers in remote regions of Russia (Tatarstan, KhMAO-Jugra Autonomous Region and North Ossetia Republic).

       Volunteerism Development

1.  Development of CII volunteer activities, collection of proposals for future projects.


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