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Support Program for Innovators and Inventors

1. Project: Innovation in Arts: Juon Family Heritage 

The project is devoted to popularization of Russian-Swiss Juon family of artists and its influence on Russian and international art. Konstantin Juon (1875 – 1958) was a noted Russian painter and theatre designer. He co-founded the Union of Russian Artists and the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia. 

Art display will be created in cooperation with the Art Dynamics Studio (holography, Russia) and Lumos Education Ltd (art consulting, Great Britain). 

2. Project: Wasteless technologies for the utilization of lignin with the production of hydrocarbon products and sorbents for wastewater treatment.

The proposed technology will simultaneously solve several large environmental problems. The first and foremost task is to clean the water and bring its condition to a technically clean mode, the second is the utilization of lignin - the side product of wood processing industry. In the course of the research, a mechanism for the complete processing of lignin will be developed, with the production of sorbents for paper mills' wastewater treatment  or any other type of sewage. The by-product of processing of lignin can be both hydrogen and components of motor fuels that will be used in the petrochemical industry. The scientific research project was implemented in 2017-2019 in cooperation with the  Institute of petrochemical synthesis Russian Academy of Sciences (TIPS RAS) and support of the Russian Ministry of Science (project identifier RFMEFI61317X0073).

3.Project: Complex organo-mineral fertilizer on the basis of a humified compost of poultry waste

When applied into the soil, fertilizer becomes the source of necessary nutrients, create a medium for the life of soil microflora, form an enzyme pool necessary for active growth and protection of plants. The enrichment of organic fertilizer with a balanced complex of mineral substances makes it possible to further increase the efficiency of fertilizers and bring them closer. to the norms of synthetic fertilizers. Mixing of mineral additives with organic matter and microorganisms leads to better digestibility by plants and prevents quick washing out of minerals from the soil (which occurs when mineral fertilizers are separately applied). The functionality of fertilizers is comparable to complex mineral fertilizers at a similar application rate per hectare, and with a higher yield effect. The amount of application per hectare is 250 kg.

The project is implemented in 2017-2019 in cooperation with Union Organic Ltd (Russia).

Composition of fertilizer:



Cu (mg/kg)


Humidity (%)


Zn (mg/kg)


N (%)


Co (mg/kg)


P (%)


Humic acids%


K (%)


Amino acids, enzymes (total%)


C (%)


Strains of microorganisms



4. Project: Technology of fish production wastes processing with obtaining of new material for light industry - production of natural fish leather goods.

The fashion industry is developing rapidly and the majority of modern designers are looking for the new, ecology-friendly and innovative solutions, stylish and cost-effective materials, and paying more and more attention to the fish leather.

"SHADI" was one of the first companies who in 2006 invented the technology of dubbing and coloring fish skin, eliminating peculiar smell, but at the same time saving all useful properties.

Advantages of fish leather:

·Strong - the products made of the fish leather are hardwearing and thus increase the lifetime of the favorite item

Thin and light - thickness of the fish leather can be 0,5 - 1 mm, it is twice thinner and lighter than cow's leather analog.

·Stylish - the original geometric pattern of the fish leather is found nowhere else among leather products

The project is implemented in cooperation with Russian private company "SHADI" Ltd.



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