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About Us

Non-profit  Association  “Centre International d'Investissement “

Canton Geneva Commercial Roster # CHE-205.626.490

Tax exemption status (communal, cantonal, federal) with Administration Fiscale Cantonale, Canton du Geneve

Where we work


Switzerland     Russian Federation        Bulgaria

Kenya             Italy                               Hungary

Georgia            Moldova                        France

Mission Statement

The mission of our organization is to create a nurturing place of sustainable economic and democratic development: education, health, ecology, culture, and prosperity, and to provide opportunities for youth to become innovative, socially responsible and economically independent, in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

According to CII Charters, the main aims of organization are:

1.Promotion of sustainable development

2. Promotion of human rights

3. Promotion of new technologies, science and innovation

4. International cooperation in education

5. Defense of cultural diversity and development of arts and crafts

6. Promotion of ideas advocated by the United Nations Organization

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